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Here is some more information about me and my website‍‍‍...

Up to this point in my life I have been a hard working and dedicated student with a passion for learning and a drive to think critically and approach problems with an open mind.  I am much more than just a student though, I have many other interests that stretch far from the walls of a class room.

I am looking forward to using this website and the linked blog to show my passion for mountain biking and other outdoor activities‍‍‍ that I use to keep me active and occupied. ‍‍‍

"Even if you fall on your face you are still moving forward" - Victor Kiam


‍‍‍I try to stay as active as possible and have sincere love for the outdoors.  I regularly play sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey) and try to spend as much time on my mountain bike as possible and I enjoy to get out o‍‍‍f the city and camp and canoe whenever I can.    

I hope that my passion and interest in sports and active living will give me an opportunity to have a career related to sports marketing.  Throughout this website I will work towards sharing and producing important and relevant sports and outdoor living content.

I will also be showing my knowledge and expertise related to the world of mountain biking and other outdoor activities that I have developed a love for while living in up in Northern Ontario.  While growing up in Sudbury I was surrounded by incredible wildlife and an environment scattered with beautiful lakes and camping hot spots.